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The Game Claims He Had Sex With 3 Kardashians

The Game, whose new album “1992” is scheduled to drop next month, recently released a song titled “Sauce” featuring DJ Khaled.

On the track he claims to have had sex with 3 Kardashians with the lyrics, “”I used to fuck bitches that Usher Raymond passed off / Then I fucked three Kardashians, hold that thought.”

TheGame had admitted to BBC Radio 1’s Charlie Sloth back in 2014 that he and Kim had dated for a “short while.” On this track he mentions what is assumed to be Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton by syaying “Bought my first Bentley and let Kim and Paris pick the colors.”

In that same interview, he denied that he was dating Khloe at the time amid rumors of them getting together shortly after she divorced Lamar Odom. He never admitted to anything about that but did say that he and Khloe go way back. She also revealed that she had lived in a house with The Game — as well as three other men — when she was just 17.

Check out the track below. The Kardashian reference starts as the 3rd verse kicks off around the 2:30 mark.




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